Our Vision

 YOU, AWAKE is a revolutionary 4-step program to assist everyone, young and old, to process loss, grief and the truth of their mortality with grace and ease, allowing them to emerge with more gratitude for the preciousness of their lives.

Our mission

Just as the human design offers access to love, it also entails the experience of loss, grief and fear of the unknown. Our mission is to face boldly and gently move through these gateways by reframing them as initiations that grow our souls. We wish to create a courageous, self-aware culture, liberated from the constriction of unaddressed trauma and awakened to awe for the miracle of life so that we can live on purpose as the best versions of ourselves, doing what matters most.  

Gary Malkin

As a multiple Emmy award-winning composer/producer, public speaker, performer, and Artistic Director, Gary is dedicated to demonstrating how music and immersive media serves a vital role in deepening our emotional, spiritual, and somatic dimensions. Drawing on over 40 years of experience, inspiring audiences with forward-thinking educational programs and media content, Gary has worked with visionaries such as Deepak Chopra, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Marianne Williamson, Rev. Michael Beckwith, and many more of the world’s most respected humanitarian leaders through his media publishing company, Wisdom of the World. These globally acclaimed recordings have resulted in an archive of inspirational media in his Gaia TV streaming series, Islands of Inner Peace.

Gary has created resources to alleviate the challenges of the end-of-life process, as evidenced in the globally acclaimed, Graceful Passages, co-created with Michael and Doris Stillwater. musically enhancing their extemporaneously spoken wisdom.

In 2010, after a lifetime of spiritual study, Hope received a series of wave visions representing an evolutionary push for the planet. The final one, a figure “8” made of flowing water, was “The Infinity Wave”, which she soon learned represented an energetic tool gifted to us by a loving Universe to quickly and easily transform suffering into love, compassion, joy and freedom during tumultuous transitional times.

Hope quickly launched the Wave Energy Center for Conscious Evolution to fulfill her mission to apply the Infinity Wave for spiritual evolution and planetary awakening. She’s led workshops and been a guest on many international radio and internet shows.

For nearly 30 years, Hope has used Intuitive Dowsing to help people quickly transform their lives. Her unique style of inquiry and ability to
“hear” the guidance gently assists people to make changes after seeing themselves.

Hope channels a variety of ascended masters in her free Monday Meditations.

Hope Fitzgerald

Gary & Hope Discussing with Dr. Clint Rogers