You Awake
You Awake
You Awake
You Awake
You Awake
You Awake
You Awake
You Awake
You Awake
You Awake
You Awake
You Awake
You Awake
You Awake
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Got gratitude?
Got flow?
Got joy?
Got freedom?
Feeling alive!
Loving Life!
Living with grace
Feeling grateful
I belong ...
At peace ...
Full of awe!
Can't stop smiling!
I'm awake!
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You, awake.

Yes, YOU, magnificent soul.

You’ve worked hard to be as awake as you are;

You’ve said “Yes” to the big lessons and incorporated them into your being;

You’ve taken the deep dives to explore your humanity;

You’ve loved hard and long without wavering;

You’ve felt the sting of loss when someone or something you love has disappeared;

You’ve been humbled by the forces of Life, which have sometimes brought you to your knees;

And through it all, you’ve emerged into who you truly are;

And yet…evolution never stops.

There’s always more to learn,

more to discover and experience.

We’ve developed three distinct workshops to address what we perceive as roadblocks to living life more fully:



Our flagship program addresses the fact that in an ever-shifting world, balance and equanimity may seem elusive. Yet, we know that within every challenge lies untapped potential…

To that end, we’ve built an experiential, educational platform that doesn’t just inform but also builds resilience as we harmonize mind, body, and spirit.

Guided by global luminaries, Gary Malkin and Hope Fitzgerald, become part of a community that seeks deeper understanding, growth, and transformation.

Our mission goes beyond education; it’s a movement. Dive deep into cutting-edge insights on cultivating resilience, embracing grief literacy, and unlocking the art of living in flow. Discover comprehensive courses designed to help you navigate the ebbs and flows of life with grace and tenacity.

You, Awake isn’t just about learning; it’s about thriving in the face of life’s inevitable changes. Step into your fullest potential, live with unwavering presence, and embrace each moment with purpose and joy. Join us, and redefine the way you experience change.

This workshop is inspired by the groundbreaking album, Graceful Passages, created by Gary Malkin and Michael and Doris Stillwater, which has assisted over a million people in preparing peacefully for the transition out of life as well as helping loved ones through the grief process in the aftermath of loss.

Our third program addresses a systemic issue of burnout in the caring profession. This isn’t just a workshop, but a haven where nurses, doctors and lay caregivers can rejuvenate their spirits, rediscover the magical healing power of music, and reconnect with the essence that once led them into their caregiving vocation.

 We’ll help you to embrace   
“your one, wild, and precious life.”

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You.  Even more awake every day.

Present. On Purpose. Inspired.

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