You, Awake. Comes to Whidbey Island!

Click one of the buttons below to register for the Tuesday evening community gathering and concert only option or enjoy both the Tuesday evening events and the full Wednesday workshop! Read below for more info on the workshop.

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Where is the event?

  • The Whidbey Institute

When is the event?

  • Tuesday, November 14, 2023
    • 6 PM – 9 PM 
  • Wednesday, November 15, 2023
    • 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Is there a cost to attend?

  • $25 for Tuesday evening only
    • Enjoy a community gathering and concert event for all ages!
  • $150 for the workshop
    • Tuesday Evening event included in workshop
    • Includes a light lunch on Wednesday

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What’s the You, awake workshop all about?

We’ve developed a 4-step program called The Chrysalis Process that deeply, efficiently and lovingly guides you to be more awake than ever, all while being held in the safe embrace of conscious, curious people.

“I enjoyed the workshop with Hope and Gary, and it was informative, interesting and engaging within a safe space.  A few days later, I noticed a positive shift in myself, feeling greater inner peace and a clearer focus on what’s next, including shifting my diet and the people I interact with.  Thank you so much for opening the space for this shift; however, they’ve happened!” 

Teri Bloom



  • Experience a more wholehearted presence;
  • Become more resilient during times of change;
  • Regain equilibrium more quickly after being triggered;
  • Accept loss as a gift that creates greater gratitude and compassion;
  • Forgive others… and especially yourself;
  • Face life’s mysteries with faith, hope, courage and awe;
  • Cultivate consistent, authentic states of peace and joy.

 We’ll help you to embrace   

“your one, wild, and precious life.”

This is a workshop designed to take you to the next level,  whatever that is for you.

You.  Even more awake every day.

Present. On Purpose. Inspired. Belonging.


Inspirational speaker and Emmy award-winning composer Gary Malkin (one of the original co-producers of the globally acclaimed Graceful Passages)


Spiritual leader and Death Doula Hope Fitzgerald (direct receiver of the Infinity Wave).

Let's dive a little deeper ...

As we citizens of Earth are all grieving the loss of loved ones, we also witness the ongoing, sometimes violent, ways in which the illusion of separation plays out worldwide. We’re being pushed to adapt and evolve with huge planetary changes even as we mourn for what once was… and may never be again. 


It’s easy to imagine how this collective grief has been accumulating beneath our awareness, unaddressed. Unassimilated grief can slowly and unknowingly lead to downstream shutdowns: not seeing friends, enjoying fewer activities, dropping healthy habits, etc. We might not notice these changes occurring until we stand back and look at them hard.


Maybe this isn’t your experience at all. Hopefully, thanks to your generative values, perseverance and integrity, the work you’ve already done has prepared you well for this moment. You’ve learned to ground yourself, calm your heart, quiet your mind, and awaken your soul amid chaos. 


Yet the world keeps changing evermore rapidly, asking for more adaptation from us, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. We need new systems to help us respond positively and evolve quickly. So, would you like to become even more alive?


Because YOU at your BEST is what the world needs most!


We’ve learned that, in life, the ultimate liberation comes from confronting our losses, embracing our fears, and being flexible with life’s changes as we step into these extraordinary times with greater courage, presence, gratitude, purpose, and joy.


Evolution happens when we’re pushed to become a higher-order version of ourselves … Imagine the caterpillar’s surprise when it becomes a beautiful butterfly!

Through this virtual one-and-a-half-day workshop, we invite you to join Gary Malkin, the award-winning co-creator of the globally acclaimed Graceful Passages, partnered with the inspirational spiritual guide, Hope Fitzgerald, within an awake, heart-centred community, as you hone your craft to become the beacon you were meant to be.

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