You, Restored: Resilience and Renewed Passion for Caregivers (Live Online Workshop)


Join Gary Malkin, the co-creator and composer for the globally
acclaimed palliative resource, Graceful Passages, with osteopathic
and energy medicine physician Dr. Jacqueline Chan, and Death
Doula, author, and spiritual Guide, Hope Fitzgerald for You, Restored,
a new experiential program addressing the stress, burnout and
compassion fatigue that most professional caregivers are facing today.

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This online workshop seamlessly integrates an experiential exploration into accelerated resources for greater resilience, change and loss literacy, and intuitive and energy medicine skills for less stress, faster retooling, and renewed passion and flow.

Designed specifically for nurses, this workshop promises a deep dive into holistic tools and practices that not only rejuvenate but also reconnect you to the very essence of why you embarked on your nursing journey. Through potent immersive guided journeys, the latest science in understanding brain science and energy medicine, as well as pioneering wellness restorative techniques, you will be informed about the latest evidence-based science justifying these modalities, and guided towards innovative ways to enhance your restoration capacities.

Now, more than ever, it’s essential for caregivers to prioritize their own well-being. The You, Restored program offers a sanctuary for nurses to renew their evidence-based tool kit, reignite their passion, and awaken to the power of music’s restorative power, while reclaiming the heart of their profession. Experience this intimate and empowering community building experience with like-minded healthcare professionals as you rediscover the soulful core of caregiving, ensuring that you remain grounded, resilient, and passionately engaged in your noble calling.


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