You Awake
You, Awake

“The changes we dread most may contain our salvation.” 

—Barbara Kingsolver

What would it take to feel fully alive again?

To reclaim a life of vitality and joy?

Change can be disorienting and painful…

Fear can be debilitating and constricting…

Loss can make life seem empty and dull…

After a lifetime of working through our issues and helping others with theirs, we, Hope Fitzgerald & Gary Malkin, have crafted a program designed to do just that by using:


the magic of music,

the alchemy of energy and

the healing power of community.

Introducing the 4-Step Chrysalis Process!

Step One: We’ll release ourselves from the cycling stories of loss.

The last few years have delivered enough shocks and blows to our lives that it would stand to reason that, at the very least, we’re all in collective mourning for what once was… and may never be again.

Add to that the many individual circumstances that have forced personal change and loss, and the grief can pile up underneath our awareness.

We all understand what it feels like when grief is fresh, and we instinctively know that it will take time, compassion and effort to get through it.

But what happens when grief goes underground?

We think we’re past it and can’t necessarily see or even feel it, but it’s there directing our lives.

This is what we call unaddressed grief, and it can accumulate over time, steering us in ways we might not realize.

So, take a look at your daily life now and see what might be different from 3 years ago:

  • Are you going out with friends like you used to or staying home more often?
  • Have you resumed classes or projects that used to give you pleasure?
  • Do little moments still delight you, or do you feel lackluster about things that used to bring you joy?
  • Are you taking care of your body with healthy food and exercise?
  • Is your sleep restful?
  • How’s your patience level?

If you’ve noticed that any of the above have significantly changed, you might be grieving and not know it. We’ll address this possibility.

Step Two: Next, we’ll establish a new way of navigating Life’s challenges.

Did you know that the crucial skill of responding to change matters in the evolutionary development of our souls?

Those who grow through life’s transitions have learned to embrace – rather than resist – the many twists and turns that life presents. They see them as opportunities rather than setbacks, which allows them to be happier, freer people.

When we practice accepting that challenges happen for us, not to us, in our evolutionary journey, everything changes for the better.

Step Three: Then, we’ll practice forgiveness – with love!

Yes, we can and will – and it’s easier than you think. 

It’s long past time to release resentments and disappointments so you can be free to live unencumbered by those old burdens. Forgiveness brings an exquisite relief that’s hard to describe, strengthening the soul for its next adventure.

Following that, we’ll face our existential fears and move into the awe of the mystery of life itself…

Nothing is more freeing than staring the bogeyman down, no matter what he represents. And it’s much easier to do so when guided carefully through the process in the safe comfort of others doing the same thing. 

Isn’t it time to live completely in awe of the wonder that your life – and the limited time you have here – is?

Step Four: Finally, we’ll bring you back into vitality and
joy through the gift of gratitude!

Rest assured, you’ll be lifted up to heights you thought were no longer attainable.

In short, you’ll become more alive.



Your “one precious life” is happening right now and there’s not a moment to waste in restoring it to wonder, peace, gratitude, and happiness! 

Our process will teach you to: 

  • Cultivate all forms of your human intelligences as experienced through your Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit, converging into your unique and innate Vibrational Intelligence (VQ).​

  • Allow the transformative “medicine” of music – and the magic of listening itself – to assist you in feeling and broadening your emotional range. As you ease into the landscapes of loss, you can release inhibiting beliefs and open to cathartic revelations about what and who matters most to you in your life. 

  • Use the Infinity Wave, a dynamic, energetic tool that accelerates direct access to love and compassion to ease the discomfort of change, connect you to the Source, and reinstate flow and grace to your system. It works hand-in-hand with music to evoke transformation on every level

  • Immerse yourself in inspiring modalities for transmuting loss into liberation, resistance into acceptance, and fear into peace so you can reclaim an acute awareness of life’s preciousness and experience greater joy and connectedness to all of life.

We invite you to be nurtured with an intimate gathering of heart-centered seekers in the next

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