Change Mentorship Program

Emerging from the YOU-AWAKE workshop I feel vitalized, renewed, energized, expanded, excited and grounded to face life, in all her beauty and challenges. This process of moving through grief to forgiveness, embracing awe and mystery and ending in joy is just the medicine I needed today to move beyond coping with change to embracing change. By letting go of what no longer serves me and forgiving all that has been I can be that vessel for the I AM Consciousness which flows through me.

Gary and Hope are beyond brilliant in leading with such sensitivity and sweet humor. They facilitated profound experiences for us to find our own truth and inner guidance. The creativity of deep, soul provoking poetry and the alchemical magic of music brought in the sacred which has brought me a new sense of who I am in the world and what is possible by embracing the ever present now. I feel profound gratitude that I have taken this journey with them and so support everyone to join them in Embracing Change.

Susan M. Engman, Ph.D

Dear beautiful you!,

The journey of self-discovery doesn’t end; it only evolves, transforming into a beautiful dance with life’s ever-changing landscape. You took a courageous step by joining the You, Awake: mastering the art of change workshop. We witnessed your commitment to embracing change, growth, and healing, and we want to walk alongside you as you continue on this path. As a past student of Gary and Hope’s, we wanted to make you aware of this amazing new offering.

🌟 Introducing the **Change Mentorship Program** with Gary and Hope! 🌟

Imagine a space where you are seen, heard, and supported in a way that nourishes your heart and empowers your spirit. A space where you’ll connect, not just with mentors but with like-minded individuals, all dedicated to their personal growth journey.

Here’s what’s awaiting you:

  • 💓 **Weekly Meetings with Hope and Gary:** Dig deep, explore, and apply the powerful tools and techniques you’ve learned. No matter where you are in your journey, we’re here for you. #EmbodyTheHealing
  • 🌱 **Small, Intimate Group:** Limited to 30 passionate souls, ensuring you receive the focus and care you deserve.
  • 🎧 **Recordings of Weekly Meetings:** Revisit the wisdom and insights whenever you need them.
  • 💬 **Private Community and Chat:** Your growth doesn’t pause, and neither does our support. Continue the conversation, ask questions, and engage with your fellow journeyers throughout the week.
  • 🎁 **Exclusive Bonuses and Discounts:** Your commitment to growth should be rewarded. Enjoy special perks for future workshops and products.

Life’s changes come and go, but your growth is eternal! ♾ Will you let us be part of your continued journey?

Take the next step and apply here: [Change Mentorship Program Application](

We’re here for you, not just as teachers but as fellow travelers, embracing the beautiful complexity of life’s ever-shifting landscape.

With loving support and eager anticipation,
Gary and Hope

P.S. This program is an exclusive opportunity, limited to those who truly feel the call to deepen their connection to self and others. Don’t miss your chance to join us. Apply today, and let’s make magic together. 🌟