AWAKE - The Book that will Change Your Life
Summary of Lessons
The Conscious Mind

Lesson #1 - The Conscious Mind:

Everything that mankind has ever built or accomplished throughout history has started with a single form of energy called thought, which springs forth from your conscious mind. The laws of physics declare that “energy is not created, nor is it wasted, it is simply transformed”. If your thought process has not helped you to get what you want, then it's time for you start to transform, modify, or change that energy called thought process...

Lesson #2 The Subconscious Mind:

As with an orange, if you want to taste what's inside, you must peel the outside skin. As such, you must “peel” your conscious mind to find out why you think the way you do. Your subconscious mind “marinates” on all the emotions, stimuli and thoughts you feed your conscious mind with, whether voluntarily or not; and your subconscious mind is connected to your “universal source”. Your subconscious mind may have been influenced by the environments surrounding you since birth; but now you have a choice...what will you feed your subconscious mind with?

The Subconscious Mind
Mental Alchemy

Lesson #3 - Mental Alchemy:

Alchemy was the ancient practice of attempting to change base metals into gold. Most of what you think and what you do and how you act is influenced by your “beliefs system”, which has been a mixture of your parent’s belief system, your friends, your country's, etc. For things to change YOU have to change; and changes begin from the inside out. If you are willing to entertain the possibilities of new concepts for a better belief system, then you will be on your way to transform “base” metal (thoughts) into “gold”...and that’s what you’ll attract.

Lesson #4 - Universal Laws:

We are ALL governed by Universal laws (you cannot change them), man-structured laws (civil laws that your government can modify or change), and spiritual laws (“divine inspired” based on your religious beliefs). Peculiarly ALL laws have consequences if broken; consequently, they ALL FOLLOW the Universal Law: For every cause, there is an effect. The wisdom here is to keep a balance between all 3 types of laws. But if you want to attract more of what you want, you need to have the “universal source” as your ally. Learn the Universal Laws, and awake to a better existence...

Universal Laws
Prosperity with Purpose

Lesson #5 - Prosperity with Purpose:

The moon exists for a purpose, the rain has a purpose, the sun has a purpose, the oceans have a purpose, the animals have a purpose, you showering has a purpose, you going to church has a purpose, you eating your meal has a purpose; if everything around us and everything we do has a purpose, then your existence here DOES have purpose. If you want prosperity in your existence then you must understand your purpose.

Lesson #6 - Visualization and The Power of Your Mind:

Visualization is the process in which we mentally evoke that which we wish to see, to feel, to happen or to have in its realistic form or physical equivalent. EVERYTHING that mankind has ever done, accomplished, or built has existed twice; and it started with a basic form of energy called thought. Energy is not created nor destroyed; it is simply TRANSFORMED, but you need to know how to transform it. If you can visualize it, it can happen.

Visualization and The Power of Your Mind

Lesson #7 - Faith:

Faith has had so many interpretations, especially in the religious world where this concept has been used to sell us the idea of eternal salvation. We do not use it in a dogmatic sense as it usually tends to be, rather, we use it in a more fluid concept: You cannot act accordingly in the way in which you don’t see yourself. In other words, if you do not have faith in your potential, you are never going to try; and if you are not willing to work on it, you will never be successful. We’ve been told to have faith, but not taught HOW to have faith; because at the end of the day the only thing you can have faith in is YOURSELF. You will accomplish your goals according to your faith, for you will act ACCORDINGLY. Increase your faith and you’ll increase your balance.

Lesson #8 - The Master Thinkers Society:

Everyone has different talents and gifts; some may have it more developed than others, but we all have them and the difference is how you use them. But you have to be honest with yourself and admit that there are things you know, and things that you do not. Your mind is as good as the knowledge you put into it. You may not know it all but there are people who do know more of what you do not, and if you study their lives, chances are you’ll learn a thing or two. They are not different from us: they still have (or had) two hands, two legs, brains, and some were from different countries; some were married, some were rich, some others weren’t. In the end they are (or were) all human..and master thinkers !!!

Map for Success

Lesson #9 - Map for Success:

As with traveling, when you’re going from a certain point to another, it is necessary to have a map or a chart with a fixed destination (goal); a map that contains intelligent planning for careful execution. If you don’t have a map (or chart) of your existence, chances are you’ll take longer to get there; but you MUST be willing to do things that you’ve never done in order to have what you never had. The wind blows us all in the same direction, so why do some succeed and others don’t? Successful people have a map (a plan); they just repositioned the sail...

Lesson #10 - I am NOW:

Yesterday was over at 12:01 am. You cannot control any time but your present; if you can control your present then you can estimate your future. You have the power to make the difference, to do what is necessary to achieve what you want. But when? NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, not when you have time, NOW. If you don’t start the plan NOW, then somebody else will, and you will become part of that somebody else’s plan; you are NOW your yesterday’s decisions. NOW will always prevent those 3 ghosts of fear from hunting you throughout your existence: “Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve”. Don’t let yourself ever be caught regretting not doing something you could’ve done NOW...

Your Higher Self

Lesson #11 - Your Higher Self:

You need to learn to recognize your state of awareness in your conscious and subconscious mind and how they are connected to your higher conscious, which is also your higher self. If you think this world came about by accident, think again...there is no such thing as an accident. There IS a source. Everything has an order of things and a reason why - it revolves around cause and effect. It does not matter whether you believe or not, the SOURCE functions with or without your belief. We are all connected to each other, and we are in each other connected to the SOURCE. And the world’s dogmatic views will call that source God, Ala, Buddha, etc. But if you “allied” yourself with this source (your higher self) then the entire universe is also your ally. Nothing could go against you if you have the SOURCE and the universe as your allies.

Lesson #12 - Alpha and Omega:

In the Greek alphabet, Alpha is the first letter and Omega is the last; you must understand where you come from in order to understand where you are going. That is an individual task that you must undertake outside the boundaries of your own genealogy. You must also understand that there is an aspect of divinity in you as we are creators. We are creators of our destiny and we can create a better world together. But it starts with you. “We must be the change we wish to see in the world” - Gandhi. You must examine your religious beliefs and determine if you are doing what you were taught to do, or are you really following your own path...

How to get any job you want

Lesson #111 - How to get any job you want

Finding a job is like finding your mate. It takes more than just a resume to impress a prospect employer; it takes knowledge of what your prospect employers need, want and expect from you. Prospect employers only want two things: to SAVE money and to MAKE money. If you can provide the balance in between these two, then you have a huge advantage over hundreds of other prospects.

Renew Your Life Foundation - A Nonprofit Organization

A portion of the proceeds from your subscription will be used for our non-profit organization, Renew Your Life Foundation. Still in the project stages, Renew Your Life Foundation will be a safe house for battered and abused women and children, very low income families and the homeless.

We have plans to build a model safe house with the capacity to shelter and feed up to 400 people, with medical and administrative staff caring and providing for them. By creating artistic solutions, skill trades and job placement we are determined to create models of instruction for a community less dependent on charities.

Renew Your Life Foundation will use the lessons from AWAKE© as the backbone for creating a better and renewed society.