AWAKE - The Book that will Change Your Life

A note from your guide

My name is Edgar R. Alpuche, and ever since I could read I have devoured literally hundreds of books searching for answers I could not find through my normal channels: church, family, friends...

Ever since I learned to use the power of comprehension, I have questioned our existence and have been able to reach an understanding as to why we are here. It had become my single mission to get as much knowledge as possible.

I became successful in many of my personal endeavors until 2 years ago when my level of comfort was diminished to the lowest point of depression. Then, as a light bulb going off, I started remembering all that I had read and I started applying all the principles I had learned. AWAKE© was the result of a month long journey of soul discovery, personal spiritual inspiration and conscious awakening.

AWAKE© was conceived as my own personal refuge for questions and answers; such information has helped me to get through the toughest adversities and challenges. As it is read, one will realize that it is the compilation of hundreds of books, lessons and studies commonly found; it is however, the final understanding that sets AWAKE© apart.

It makes sense....

Renew Your Life Foundation - A Nonprofit Organization

A portion of the proceeds from your subscription will be used for our non-profit organization, Renew Your Life Foundation. Still in the project stages, Renew Your Life Foundation will be a safe house for battered and abused women and children, very low income families and the homeless.

We have plans to build a model safe house with the capacity to shelter and feed up to 400 people, with medical and administrative staff caring and providing for them. By creating artistic solutions, skill trades and job placement we are determined to create models of instruction for a community less dependent on charities.

Renew Your Life Foundation will use the lessons from AWAKE© as the backbone for creating a better and renewed society.